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Buffering Your Plugin Project

Planning and budgeting your plugin projects is one of the most important steps to ensuring projects are executed properly.  After all, if you haven’t established a project plan then it’s difficult to lead your project team to the end goal.

However, even with a solid plan and good execution, your plugin project can go off the rails.

I’m in the middle of a new plugin project right now.  In fact, I really should have been done 4 days ago.  I hired a new programmer for this one, and although he appears technically capable, I soon discovered his weakness…

He doesn’t communicate progress on a frequent basis.

Without regular updates from your programmer on where they are with their scope of work you really have no idea if you will meet your target product launch.

Now I’m not in red alert mode just yet.  Why is that?

Well I built some buffer into the project.  Buffer is a cushion in your schedule that you add at the end of the project.  It’s to cover variation and risk, which may be due to scope complexity, loss of resources, poor productivity, or just a poor initial estimate.

So it’s always a good idea to include a schedule buffer at the end of your project.

The amount of buffer to include depends primarily on two factors… your previous experience with the programmer and scope complexity. Never put a buffer on every task, and never share with your project team.

Outsourcing your plugin development can be a risky venture, so you need to be prepared with a solid project plan and a good understanding of how to manage your outsourcing team.  Tomorrow I will be sending all members an email – make sure you check it out. Mark Thompson is about to release a new course called The Outsource Project“.  It will give you better insight into what exactly you need to do to effectively outsource work in order to bring your plugin idea to life (or any other product for that matter).

Stay tuned,

Andrew Hunter

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