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My 3 Plugin Business Modules were such a success that I have now bundled them into this Special Offer. Read on…

It’s no secret that WordPress is the fastest growing market for website platforms today. Consider these statistics… over 306 million people view more than 2.5 billion WordPress pages each month!

And have you noticed the number of WordPress plugins being introduced through the Warrior Forum? What’s more, many of these plugins go on to be WSO of the day!

There Is No Question There’s A Huge Demand For WordPress Plugins Right Now!

As a matter of fact, that’s exactly how I got into developing plugins. I needed a plugin that didn’t exist at the time, and decided to take action and have it developed. That same plugin has generated thousands of dollars (in profit) for me, and continues to sell well today.

The funny thing is that I didn’t know a thing about programming when I launched my first plugin!

I’ve since gone on to develop and launch several successful plugins. I know practically nothing about coding. I’m a product developer and marketer… just like you.

But my strength is in managing projects and leading project teams to deliver value driven results with laser sharp focus, and I know how to harness that skill and pump out quality WordPress plugins by outsourcing all the hard work!

And now in Plugin Business Mechanics – the complete course… I’m about to show you how you can do the exact same thing. Not only will you get to see me turn a simple idea into a real plugin launched on the Warrior Forum, but I’m revealing all of my secrets on how I outsource the plugin and manage my projects from the comfort of my home office.

I Reveal Everything I Know About Developing, Securing, Selling And Supporting A WordPress Plugin From Product Idea To Cash In The Bank!

You are about to learn…

  • How to come up with a plugin idea and turn it into a real product (as you watch a documented case study of a plugin I recently launched as a WSO)!
  • Where to look for ideas for new plugins
  • How existing free plugins can be a source of Wealth for you!
  • The four project management steps to absolutely CRUSHING your online projects
  • The two critical mistakes most product developers make when it comes to project management!
  • How to find and identify qualified programmers to develop your plugins for you
  • How to manage your project cost and schedule and keep your outsourcing team focused on delivering results
  • How to quickly overcome ANY language barrier and quickly communicate your concept to your outsourcing team!
  • How to protect your assets and control who uses your plugins
  • How to get started with a professional licensing system to control your plugins for as little as $50
  • The 4 most important things you must consider when selecting a delivery platform for your plugin products
  • How to delight your customers long after they purchase your plugins
  • How to minimize the number of support requests you receive
  • How to systematize your help desk operations
  • How to leverage a free source of traffic that is ultimately forced to buy your plugins
  • How to maximize your profits with an innovative ‘double launch’ strategy
  • How to diversify your product line as a recognized authority in your market
  • How to dominate your market and sell more of the same plugin without changing anything!
  • How to expand your plugin product line within hours using O.P.P.
These Strategies Will Help You To Overcome The Obstacles Holding You Back From Achieving The Success You Desire In Creating WordPress Plugins








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This course holds the missing puzzle pieces that can possibly turns a struggling online business into a thriving and lucrative WordPress plugin software empire.

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