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How To Create Simple WordPress Plugins On A Shoe String Budget That Can Fetch Easy 5 Figure Paydays…

Without YOU Having To Write ANY Code At All!

Publisher’s Note From Andrew Hunter
I am one of a handful of individuals who have secured publisher’s rights to the letter below written by Jason Fladlien.
I have found extreme value from this, so I wish to pass it along and share it with you. Enjoy!

My name is Jason Fladlien and I’ve created WordPress software like that described below… Even though I personally didn’t write ANY of the software (nor could I).

how to create wordpress plugins
I’ve found that with the right techniques… It is actually easier to SELL WordPress plugins than traditional information products.

Why? Because there is an almost unlimited number of plugins you could have someone create in just a few hours for under $100 (or less!).

Plus the sales formula for such plugins is rather simple. It goes like this – you create a plugin that solves a simple problem. (I’ll show you.) Then you shoot a couple minute video showing the plugin in action. Then you add a buy button below that video.

See How Much Easier That Is Than Trying To Sell An Information Product?

The reason why rank beginners can easily become 6 figure earners with plugins is because… Unlike information products…

  1. You don’t have to be a guru.
  2. You don’t have to have earning screen shots.
  3. You don’t need to be an expert sales person.

Why I Changed My Whole Business From Information Products To Software

In 2010 I had a nice little business that looked like this:

Plugin Hotshot

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? But even with those numbers I knew that I was working harder than I had to… And to be able to take my business to the next level I had to branch out.

So I did something drastic. In March 2011 I decided to put that business on hold and start a brand new company called Rapid Crush, Inc. that specialized in WordPress plugins and theme creation.

I partnered with someone who had software experience named Wilson Mattos and we hit the ground running.

These are the results in OUR FIRST 10 1/2 months with this brand new business:

create wordpress plugin hotshot

See the difference?

Information products were great, but software is better for making money. And perhaps the best, easiest way to start cashing in on this nearly TRILLION dollar market is with WordPress plugins.


The Benefits Of Creating PREMIUM WordPress Plugins



  • Huge demand – while there are a lot of free WordPress plugins out there, many people would rather pay for a better, premium version of a plugin.
  • Fast to create – because the programmer doesn’t have to start from scratch… But instead can “hook into” WordPress… Saving tons of time.
  • Easy to sell – almost everyone uses WordPress for website creation – do you realize how big of a market you’re in?
  • Cheap to make – I’ll show you how some plugins can be developed for under $50…


With all these benefits it’s time you started cashing on the WordPress plugin craze. That’s why I’m happy to introduce to you a brand new training program I created called Plugin Hot Shot.

This is a PDF manual that only weighs in at 17 pages. Just 6,005 words and a few screen shots. You can breeze through it in a lazy afternoon.

Why is this so short?

Because I have an exact formula for the whole process that is brain dead simple… But works like a charm.

While the average product you buy would take you hours JUST TO GO THROUGH… And probably leave you more confused than when you started…

You could literally take this manual, read it, act upon it and have results before most people would get through an average Internet marketing product!

You can download this guide immediately. When you do, open it up and you’ll immediately discover…

Where To Find An Unlimited Number Of Winning WordPress Ideas That Are Almost Guaranteed To Be 5 Figure Sensations

As you read through this section you’ll discover the two places I go to find the ideas for the plugins I create.

You’ll discover my criteria for being able to instantly spot the WordPress plugins that will practically sell themselves… As well as the plugin ideas to avoid at all cost.

As a bonus, you’ll also discover a resource where we buy full rights to WordPress stuff for as little as $20 for a full, functioning WordPress plugin that we can sell and keep 100% of the profits.

Now move onto the next section… Which covers…

Turning Your Idea Into An Undeniable, Profit Pulling WordPress Plugin

Once you have your idea, I show you how to position it so when it’s created… It will be so irresistible to your niche that you can sell the daylights out of it even with really bad marketing.

I show you how to manipulate the WordPress plugin ratings of existing plugins to extract the power of those plugins… And be able to easily infuse them into your plugin.

In addition, I show you a technique on how you can take existing free WordPress plugins and legally STRIP features from those plugins and then be able to sell them for profit! Yes, it’s paradoxical and weird, and yes it DOES work.

Once you pick your jaw up off the floor from being amazed with that section, move on to the next where… You’ll discover…

How to get top programmers to make your WordPress plugins for you for pennies on the dollar!

In this section you’ll see why you should use THESE 5 sites to post a very certain type of “job description” for any plugin you’ll create.

You’ll also discover that “you get what you pay for” is just a stupid cliche that doesn’t hold any real weight. At least not with the technique I’ll show you to use. Believe it or not there are ways to get top of the line coders to bang out beautiful WordPress plugins for you for under $100… Or even under $50.

In rare instances – even for free! (You’ll love how we can sometimes pull this off!)

Also within that section…

The Sales Formula I Use SPECIFICALLY To Sell WordPress Plugins

It’s just a 4 part formula you can use to easily script a 2 minute “sales video” – and that’s pretty much all you need to make a mint with simple little WordPress plugins.

I even give you a word for word script as an example so you can see the formula in action.

I’ve saved the best for last. The final section you’ll see is called…

The Hidden Money Factor

It’s nice to make quick five figure pay days just from front end sales of your WordPress plugin.

But how would you like to know the secrets that took us from 5 figure paydays to 6 figures for our WordPress stuff?

That’s what this section is all about. There are certain things you can do on the backend of software that are just not possible when selling information products.

I show you the secrets we used to take a brand new company from zero to over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in less than a year… And much of that success is due to the secrets I reveal in this final section.

How Much For This Training?

Glad you asked – you’re going to love this. The training was so simple to create because I wrote it based on personal experience… So I was able to knock this out in a few hours.

As a result I’d love to “pass the savings” on to you by making this incredibly affordable for you.

As of right now you can get your hands on this training immediately for just $12.00. Better get it now before I come to my senses and raise the price to more accurately reflect the value you’re getting today.

Plus You’re Backed By A 60 Day Guarantee


Buy it now. Try it for 60 days. For any reason or no reason at all if you want your money back within that period of time… I, Andrew Hunter, as the publisher of this product, will personally arrange your refund.

You risk nothing and stand to gain everything… That’s why you will click the add to cart button below now and sign up. I’ll see you on the other side!

P.S. You do realize these WordPress plugin secrets work in many niches just besides Internet marketing? Yeah, we cover that as well…




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