7 Step Process To Creating WordPress Plugins

Perfect For Those With ZERO Coding Skills!

Take Your WordPress Plugin From A Simple Idea To A Live Product - Without Knowing Anything About Coding!

Have an idea for a new WordPress plugin but don't have the faintest idea how to bring it to market?

You're In The Right Place.

We provide training for non coders and provide assistance with the creation of your plugins and themes.

Some Of The Training & Resources Available To You

  • Plugin HotShot

    This detailed manual covers all aspects of plugin creation and and will help you get started with your plugin project.

  • Plugin Business Mechanics

    Comprehensive video/pdf course consisting of 3 in depth modules covering every aspect of building a successful WordPress plugin/theme business.

  • Platinum Plugins (Coaching)

    12 weeks of hands on training and application with management coaching to help bring your plugin project to completion.

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