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Hey, David Vandenberg here, and there’s something I really need to ask you.
How much money would you like to make? Is this good enough for you?

That’s over 5000 sales from one product in under 24 hours!

What you do to make this money is actually quite simple:

-You come up with an idea for a WordPress plugin.
-You put it together.
-You launch it…
-And then support it.

…you just need to know what the market wants.
…you need to figure out whether it’s going to be a success or a flop
before you write a single line of code.
…you need to create it.
…you need to sell it.
…and then, you need keep everyone happy.

Piece of cake, right?


If it was this easy everyone would be rich.

The reality is, however, that you don’t even hear about most of the plugins that get made, and this is simply because they’re destined for failure from day one.

Sure, you might be thinking that making money really isn’t about the product.

It’s about how you market it, and you’d be right…


If your product isn’t good, you might be able to make some money on your first launch.

After that, the news about the quality of what you’re selling will spread like wild fire
(since bad news spreads really quickly)
and you’re going to have a really hard time making ANY sales on your next launch.

People are simply going to assume that since your previous product was not very good,
this one will be terrible as well, and…

…not many people will buy it.

I am certain you understand this.

So, yes, the marketing is important, but so is having a smashing product.

In other words, your plugin MUST BE KILLER,
or your business will never survive the test of time.

The sad thing is, however, that it’s hard to find
a decent course for creating WordPress plugins.
There are only a handful of them available as of this writing, and they’re less than perfect.

Here are just a few things they don’t mention 
(I am not going to name names here, but this is the quality of information you’re getting with “those” courses.)

So, why those problems?

The people who create those programs aren’t coders.

Many are marketers looking for a quick buck,
and while you will be able to put some plugins together when you follow their advice,
they’ll be terrible, and you will never see any real success with them.

If your under the impression that you can take your new plugin idea,
go straight to a freelance site and hire a developer, I’m telling you flat-out
this is a piss-poor approach that will lead to headaches and even a crappy plugin nobody wants to buy.

If you’re serious about creating a successful plugin, but just lacking the experience,
you may have already experienced a few of these pains already…

Do you really want to continue having these pains and obstacles?

I didn’t think so!

I feel your pain, so I will show you how to create real plugins 
that function properly and produce the results you really want!

Look, I’m not trying to “beat you up” here…

Actually just the opposite… 
I’ve been where you’re at and we know how it ends up
when you don’t have all the details you need.

You may even be one of those ambitious go getters that managed to create a plugin or two already…

And well, I’d say if you’re here then you likely found it barely performed or
even flopped when it hit the market…

I want to help you out, and show you how to do it the right way.

I want you to create plugins that won’t just bring you a little quick cash.
(But you could do that)

I want to show you how to make WordPress cash cows 
that will become the basis of very lucrative, sustainable business.

I KNOW a thing or two about development.

I’ve been doing web design and development for people ever since I was 18 years old,
which was about 26 years ago, and creating plugins since 2004 when plugins were first added to WordPress.

Back in my early days, the internet was just barely “getting started”
and geeks like me did work on word processors and other archaic devices.

Fun times!

I’ve done it for many years, and then…

I don’t take private clients anymore, but when I did, it was a wild ride.

I remember this one client paying me $20,000 for a custom WordPress project.

The job wasn’t easy, but I was ready to put in a little elbow grease for that kind of money (I am sure you would as well.)

The minimum budget I required when working with people was $1,000, I was making truckloads of money,
but I was extremely miserable.


I had a few clients that were a nightmare, literally.

This is NOT an exaggeration.

As you can imagine, pretty soon I was completely burned out,
and didn’t care about ANYTHING other than never seeing another design job cross my desk.
I wanted to focus on my own projects.

So, yeah, it was great to cash in the checks, but I went through HELL and back,
whenever a situation like that happened
(which wasn’t all that often, but plenty enough to almost land me at a hospital.)

What I decided to do, however, is never to take on another client ever again, so…

…you can’t hire me, but I can show you exactly what to do to create WordPress plugins that will crush it
the moment you put them out on the market.

There’s an easy to follow, step-by-step process that YOU can follow and make a KILLING with plugins.

(No, I am NOT talking about working with clients, although you CAN do that if you want.
I’m talking about something else, though. You’ll find out in a minute.)

Here’s another smashing success that didn’t happen by accident…

Of course these didn’t happen by accident!

Plugin Creation Blueprint is a complete system that will teach you
everything you need to know about creating awesome plugins that will sell like hotcakes,
just like the ones I’ve already shown you.

What’s more, since people will know that what
you’re creating is awesome quality, they’ll line up to buy from you every time you release a new plugin.

Your plugins can pretty much sell themselves.

I want to give you access to Plugin Creation Blueprint
and show you exactly how to create plugins
that will bring you good money almost on complete autopilot.

Plugin Creation Blueprint is unique because…

If you want a cheap course like that…

You know, the kind that makes huge promises that seem a little “pie in the sky”

Then you may want to search somewhere else…

You are SMART and I’m smart.

Listen, we know how exciting it can be when you’re about to
create a plugin that has the stones to rock the market…

It’s easy amidst the hustle and bustle of creating your plugin,
to get confused and lose your direction…

That’s why I created this course,
so you don’t have to struggle like so many do when they first get started…

It’s supposed to be fun and lucrative… And now it can be!

For the first time EVER:
I’ll personally mentor you for more than 10+ solid hours and show you exactly how
to put my plugin creation blueprint plugin creation system to work in your business!

You get a start to finish road map to creating a really killer plugin…

I lay out in simple to understand tutorials, all the protocols to follow.

And yes… I lay them out in detail from Idea to completion! .

Mixed with that…

…You need a developer with an entire arsenal of knowledge at their disposal.

Any one of these will give you an unfair advantage over your competition.

It’s really times like this, you need to go back to the basics and concentrate
on what has proven to work time and time again.

And that’s exactly what we are going to help you do…

We’ve done all the work for you.

Just sit in the comfort of your home and
follow the simple to understand steps we lay out for you… Then act on them.

You get exactly what you’re looking for!

It’s time to start working smarter and not harder when it comes to creating plugins.

To help you better understand what you’ll soon have your hands on…

This Jam Packed 6 Module course gives you
everything you need to know to create killer plugins.


I could probably sell this course for $497 if I wanted to and it would still be a great bargain.

After all, if you implement what I teach you and make even half as much as the guys above (which is easy),
the investment today would be completely irrelevant.

I’ll even give you a rock solid guarantee…

I am not going to ask you to pay that much, though, simply
because I don’t want the price to be an issue for you at all.

Heck, I won’t even ask for $297, $197 or even $97.

You can check out Plugin Creation Blueprint for a one time investment of $67.

I know it’s terribly low considering the value that you’ll be receiving,
but again, I don’t want money to stop you here.

You MUST Take Action NOW, Though.

See, I am a believer in amazing customer support. I learned that working with high ticket design customers.

It was standard and everyone expected it.

That’s why, I’ll be able to help you out, if you have a question or need a little advice on implementation after you purchase the course.

There are only so many people I can work with, though.

I quit taking clients because I didn’t want to overwork myself,
and I am not looking to do that here, either.

The moment I feel this is too taxing on my life, I’ll take Plugin Creation Blueprint right off the market,
so GRAB it now:

There’s One More Thing: YOUR SAFETY.

There are a few hours of detailed instruction waiting for you
in the member’s area, so you’ll need a little while to check everything out.

It will also take some time to implement what you learn.

That’s why you have FULL 30 DAYS to check this system out.
If at any time during that time you feel that it isn’t for you, I insist you get back to me and ask for a full and prompt refund.

I really don’t want your money, unless you’re absolutely stoked about the value you’re getting here, so there’s absolutely no risk on your part.

Snatch Plugin Creation Blueprint NOW!

Talk soon,

PS.: My time is very limited. If you need my help with this course, you MUST grab it now.

Here’s the button again:

(I ALSO have a Secret Bonuses for you, that’ll get you making money with your plugins faster,
easier and virtually effortless. You have to snatch the course NOW to get them, though.)

PSS. You have a full month to check everything out.
Grab a copy, and if you don’t like it for any reason whatsoever, email me for a full and prompt refund. No risk on your part. I stand behind my guarantee 100%.

Learn Everything You Need To Know To Start Creating And Marketing Your Own WordPress Plugins & Themes!

Here's What You Get When You Enroll In WP Plugin CEO:

Module 1:  Business Strategy

  • I'll show you how to research the market and find ideas for a new plugin! We will cover creation from scratch as well as leveraging existing plugins for new purposes.

Lesson Guide:

Lesson 1-1: The Machine
Lesson 1-2: Market Risk
Lesson 1-3: Growth Planning

Module 2:  Product Creation

  • I'll show you how to research the market and find ideas for a new plugin! We will cover creation from scratch as well as leveraging existing plugins for new purposes.
  • Here we get our idea from head to paper and create a scope document that programmers can't help but bid on. I show you how to do it quick and easy without any expensive tools.
  • I'll share my 20+ years of project management experience and show you exactly how to manage this project (and any project) the right way. We will cover how to manage scope change so you don't lose your shirt on your first project!

Lesson Guide:

Lesson 2-1: Finding Ideas for Plugins
Lesson 2-2: Putting Your Idea to Paper
Lesson 2-3: Creating Your Mockup
Lesson 2-4: Turning Your Design into a Product
Lesson 2-5: How To Craft Irresistible RFP's
Lesson 2-6: Selecting The Right Programmer
Lesson 2-7: How To CRUSH Your WordPress Projects

Module 3: Mechanics

  • In this session we will dive into the mechanics of setting up your systems - from sales funnel to product delivery.

Lesson Guide:

Lesson 3-1: Product Delivery Platforms
Lesson 3-2: Controlling Your Plugins With A Licensing System
Lesson 3-3: Plugin Licensing System Demonstration
Lesson 3-4: Plugin Encoding Basics

Module 4: Marketing & Support

  • The final session will be an in depth teaching where I reveal my strategies for market penetration, and product launches. I'll cover how to leverage existing products to grow your business too!

Lesson Guide:

Lesson 4-1: Manning Customer Support
Lesson 4-2: Product Launch Tips
Lesson 4-3: Business Scaling


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I cant recommend this HIGHLY enough - Andrew doesn't know me. This is an honest recommendation for a GREAT product.

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Your investment is protected by our 30-Day "Free Look" Policy. Here's how it works: You have a full 30 days to preview "Eclass Live 2017".  If you decide during that time that our Plugin Creation training is not right for you, just let us know and you'll be issued a full and prompt questions asked. In short, you get a great return on your investment, or you get your money back.  It's that simple...

Still Have Questions?

On the fence? Wondering if our "WordPress Plugin CEO" course is right for you and your business? The answer you need may be found below...

  • q-iconWill the training sessions be recorded?

    Yes!  Each session will be recorded and included within the members area within 24 hours after the live session.  This content will be available to you at any time to access for future reference.

  • q-iconDo I need to know how to program?

    No!  Heck, I’m just a dumb accountant… but I know how to manage projects and bring an idea to life.  If you do know how to program, that’s a bonus, but not necessary to make the most of this course.

  • q-iconIf I enroll in the Pro level, what are the terms of use for the plugin that I get?

    Great question… This plugin comes with Private Label Rights… You CAN resell it (for a minimum price to be determined during the class), relabel it and of course use it yourself.  You CANNOT give it away or sell resell rights in any form.

  • q-iconWhy should I want to learn from you?

    I am the founder of Plugin Results – a software development company specializing in WordPress plugins. I have created such award winning plugins as MemberSonic, Sonic Reply, wp Affiliate Surge, ActivateWP, RefreshWP, Sonic IPN, and many more.

    I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs to create their own WordPress plugins, and I’d like to help you too!