Three Easy Ways To Make Money In The WordPress Niche

The WordPress niche is absolutely on fire! People are making money hand over fist in this niche. To get you started I want to show you three easy ways you can use right now to make money in this niche.

Money Making Tactic #1: Cashing In With PLR Products

PLR stands for private label rights and you can buy WordPress themes and plugins that come with theseĀ  rights. These kinds of rights allow you to change the products and even claim them as your own.

You can literally buy these products and the rights to them, set them up as your products, and begin selling them.

Just use your favorite search engine and search for these keyword phrases:

“plugins with PLR”
“themes with PLR”
“plugins with private label rights”
“themes with private label rights”

Any other kind of variation will work too.

People are buying WordPress plugins and themes left and right and now you can get your “piece of the pie” by having plugins and themes you can sell them!

Money Making Tactic #2: Build WordPress Sites And Sell Them

There are all kinds of different sites you can easily build using the WordPress platform.

You can build affiliate review websites, niche AdSense websites, group buying websites (think Groupon), online directories, and hundreds of other types of websites. Most people don’t know how easy it is to do this though and will pay big money for people to build these sites for them.

That’s where you could come in, build these sites for people, and charge them premium prices for your services!

You could even just build a website, get it making a little money, and sell it on sites like Flippa. This is a great strategy to make big time pay checks. Just take a look at the sites that have sold from there!

Money Making Tactic #3: Sell WordPress Related Products As An Affiliate

Being an affiliate for a product is when you promote a product using a special link and you get paid for all sales made through your special link.

All you have to do is search for products and services in the WordPress niche that have affiliate programs, become an affiliate for them, advertise your link and get paid.

This is an easy way to make money in this niche because you don’t have to have your own product and services and you don’t have to provide any customer support.

Okay, I’ve given you three surefire ways to make money in this niche so now its up to you to go get started! Pick one of these tactics and start using it right away to make money in the WordPress niche!
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